The 2017 Family Reunion Planning Committee is delighted to host this biennial event.  Our goal is to continue the tradition of bringing the Exantus family together to celebrate our shared heritage, and to foster intergenerational relationships.  
​Thank you, in advance, for your support and participation.

2017 Exantus Family Reunion Committees
Haiti Committee USA Committee
Magalie Cheelip
Jyna Exantus
Edy Jean Jacques
Joelle Vital
Didier Jean Louis
Georges Exantus
Sebastien Justinville
Maryse Exantus
Wesner Jean Baptiste
Mona Exantus
Samanta Sainvil
Kamel Exantus
Mirlande Exantus
Jean Rene Exantus
Carline Merovee Edmond