Royal Decameron Beach Resort
Royal Decameron Beach Resort
If this is your first time going to Haiti or visiting Cote des Arcadins, there are plenty of things to do and places to see.

There are several family members that plan on staying at Royal Decameron Indigo Beach & Spa on the days preceding the Reunion and several days after.  If you plan on staying here, send us a note in the Contact Us page, and we will be sure to introduce you to the family that will be there.

In addition to Royal Decameron, there are several other Beach Resorts in the vicinity that one can visit.  This is not an exhaustive list but some of the more popular resorts, in no particular order. 

Wahoo Bay Beach Club & Resort
Kaliko Beach
Moulin Sur Mer Beach Club

If you would like more information, please visit their respective websites.  You can book via

Museum Ogier-Fombrun
Museum Ogier-Fombrun
Things to do in Côte Des Arcadins

Museum Ogier-Fombrun

The Ogier-Fombrun Museum will greet you with stories dating from the pre-colombian indian era to colonial times of 1794, when Haiti used to be the largest producer of sugar in the Caribbean.The property is an authentic sugar cane plantation whose ruins were totally recovered by the work of Architect Gerard Fombrun during more than 35 years of personal involvement. The authentic stone aqueduct which still exists, continues to run water to a gigantic 20 feet wooden wheel which was used to extract the juice from the cane.The "Etuve", which was used to heat up the "melasse", still exists and is reminiscent of a rich past.

Marina Blue Haiti - Day Adventrures

Marina Blue Haiti's mission to encourage all sorts of watersports and land-based activities to help promote Haiti as a touristic and pleasurable destination in the Cote Des Arcadins region.

By offering PADI scuba diving, snorkeling excursions, Fishing Charters and visits to historic and scenic locations on land, visitors will have the ability to discover Haiti's natural splendors "above and below" and retain and share a positive experience from their visit.

They offer food & Beverage catering for boat excursions, lodging Stay and Dive/ snorkel excursion packages at Moulin Sur Mer Beach Resort, diving, PADI certified diving courses, snorkeling tours, Fishing Charters, land excursions and other water sports activities.

Excursion sites are located along the Cotes Des Arcadins. Exploring haitian waters in places such Les Arcadins, Troufonban, Anse a Pirogue, La Gonave and Sant Marc. Our land excursions includes places such les Chemins de Montrouis, Marchant Dessalines, or the beautiful hike of Kay Piat.

Jet Ski Haiti

Jet Ski Haiti is proud to be a part of the beach scene in Haiti. They are excited to offer jet ski rentals at major resorts along the beach. Experience the buzz of flying across the water on a Sea Doo Spark 900. With 899 cc's of power, there's enough life in these engines to thrill even a seasoned jet skier, yet they're also easily handled by novices.

Off Road Haiti

Off Road Haiti is proud to be a part of the off-road scene in Haiti. We are licensed through the Haitian Government and excited to offer UTV & ATV Tours at the major resorts along the beach.