July 14, 2017
3 years, 8 months and 30 days since
our celebration.
Dear Beloved Family Members:

Greetings, and welcome to the Exantus Family Reunion website!

This website was designed to provide information regarding the 2017 Exantus Family Reunion for the descendants of Georges Exantus I, and their families. 

Feel free to browse through the tabs and pictures on your left; maybe you'll find something new about our family and history that you didn't know! 

There are pictures from the website available for you to view.  If you have pictures, please upload so we can create a scrapbook.

The 2017 Exantus Family Reunion

was held

July 14 - 17, 2017

in  Cabaret & Côte des Arcadins (Luly), Haiti
Clea Beach
Clea Beach
Entrance to Clea Beach
Entrance to Clea Beach

Original Email Message from Mirlande Exantus on 10/1/2016

To all the descendants of Pierre Georges Exantus I


Let's come together to help our sister, cousin, aunt, Altagrace Exantus aka Mona (Andre's daughter) realize a dream that she had cherished for so many years.

Her dream is to reunite in contentment all descendants of Georges Exantus. To make such dream a reality, we need the cooperation and participation of all of us. It is imperative that we all participate.

First we must have communication cells, each family will designate one or two persons who will be the point of contact of the family. For example the children of Aunt Andremise or Uncle Innocent will nominate one or two persons as a point of contact (captain or pilot). Once the information is sent to this person his/her duty is to ensure that all the members of the family are aware of this information as soon as possible, and communicate to the organizing committee the concerns, suggestions of the family. All we need from that designated person is an email address and a phone number to make the communication easier

We will have to put together working groups in USA and Haiti. Their task will be to help in the planning, financing of the activities during the days that we will meet. All those who want to participate in those groups do not hesitate to contact us.

Mona 908 967-0215 or email exmame52@hotmail.com

Mirlande 908 220-2744 or email turhame@hotmail.com

The dates of the event will be  July 14 to July 17, 2017 

Location of the reunion: Cabaret and other cities in Haiti 

Important document to provide

  1. ​A picture of Alida, Andre, Andremise, Deslandes, Fanette, Georges Fils, Idonie, Innocent, Leone, Paul, Rachelle, Rosette and Yvette. Each family table will be identify by the picture.
  2. Pictures of all the children grand children, great grand children of Georges whether alive or deceased. The pictures with their names should be sent by email . The address will be sent in future email

We know it will not be possible for all of us to be present at this reunion, although this is the main objective of the reunion, however if for any reason you're unable to be present , please send us your picture and one of your family to add to the family tree (slide show). 


A contribution is necessary toward the expenses of the reunion. The contribution will depend on the number of person participating at the reunion. So it is important that each person confirms his/her attendance at a date to be determined very soon.


We have been blessed, protected and saved by so many scourges which took place in Haiti and elsewhere. We may have crossed each other on the streets or a gathering and don't even know if we are related. It is very important that we meet so our offspring can keep this brotherhood bond, and most important the Love and Pride of being an Exantus

Mona and Mirlande Exantus


A tous les descendants du feu Georges Exantus;

Mettons nous ensemble pour permettre a notre soeur, cousine, tante  Altagrace Exantus connue sous le nom de Mona (fille D’Andre Exantus) de realiser un reve qu’elle a tant cheri depuis des annees.
En effet son reve est de pouvoir reunir dans la joie tous les descendants de Georges Exantus. Pour arriver a une telle reunion, il faut la cooperation de nous tous. Pour cela il est important que nous y mettions tous la main a la pate. 

Tous d’abord nous devons avoir des cellules de communications; chaque famille devra designer une ou deux personnes qui seront les points de contacts de cette famille. Une fois une information est communiquee a cette ou ces personnes, son devoir sera de s’assurer que tous les membres soient au courant, et nous communiquent les concernes de sa cellule. Tout ce que nous demandons est ce que ces designes aient une addresse electronique et un numero de telephone pour render la communication facile.
Nous devrons organiser des groupes de travail tant qu’en Haiti qu’aux USA , ils auront pour tache d’aider a la planification de la reunion et de discuter du financement des activites. Tous ceux qui veulent y participer, n’hesitez pas a nous joindre 

Mona 908 967-0215 or email exmame52@hotmail.com
Mirlande 908 220-2744 or email turhame@hotmail.com

Les dates prevues pour cet evenement sont du 14 au 17 Juillet 2017 ou un peu plus long
Lieu de la reunion : Cabaret, et autres villes d’Haiti
Important document : Une photo de Innocent, Alida, Andre, Andremise, Deslandes,  Fanette, Georges, Idonie, Innocent, Ivette, Leone, Paul, Rachelle, Rosette. Chaque table sera identifiee par une photo.

Des photos de tous les enfants , les petits enfants et arrieres petits enfants s’il y en a , et qu’ils soient en vie ou mort. Ces photos et les noms doivent etre envoyees par courier electronique, l’addresse pour les envoyer sera communiquee tres prochainement.

Nous savions qu’il ne sera pas possible pour que nous soyons tous present, bien que c’est l’objectif de cette reunion, cependant si pour une raison ou autre il vous etes impossible d’etre present, nous aimerions avoir les photos avec les noms  pour un slide show

Il y aura un frais a payer, ce frais dependra du nombre de personne participant a la reunion. Donc il est important que personne confirme sa participation a une date qui sera determinee tres prochainement.

Nous avons ete benis, proteges et epargnes par tant de fleaux qui se deroulent en Haiti et ailleurs, Chaque jour, on se croise dans les rues ou autre et nous savons meme pas s'il y a une relation entre nous. Essayons de nous reunir afin que nos progenitures gardent ce lien de fraternite et d’amour entre eux et soient fier d’etre un Exantus 

Sincerement votre
Mona et Mirlande Exantus
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